Basic Music Reading Skills Course

Dr. Tim Sharp
Executive Director, American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) 
"Paul Hill has given church music directors THE tool they need in order to truly do their job. Helping the volunteer singer learn to read music and understand the complex road map of the musical score has alluded the choir room for decades. While everyone knows it needs to be a part of the routine, rehearsal time restraints and a systematic approach to the problem has eliminated learning to read music from the tasks at hand. Paul Hill's research and methodological approach to music literacy for the volunteer choir singer not only makes sense, it works; and best of all, it is a system designed to incorporate into the regular rehearsal routine without disrupting the ongoing work of preparing for Sunday." 

Bob Burroughs
Composer, Educator, Church Musician

“Paul Hill has given church choir singers a world of excellent and helpful information that will teach them to actually ‘read’ the notes on the score, know all the clefs, notes, rests, time signatures and much more. He has researched this thoroughly and it is perhaps the best resource of this kind to come across my desk in years. Any director who is serious about his choir members singing the right notes—at the right time, should invest in this remarkable product. Basically, this is a “turn-key” curriculum. All you have to do is print the choir member pages, add a video projector to your laptop, and teach. This program has been tested, tried, and found successful, raising the musicianship of each choir member who has gone through the program. Who would not want more knowledgeable choir singers? If you do, this program is for you! Get it!”   

Dr. John S. White
Director of Music Ministries, Third Presbyterian Church, Richmond, Virginia

"Paul Hill’s Basic Music Reading Skills Course is a ready-made resource for teaching the basic skills of music to your choir members and congregation. It is easy to prepare and easy to adapt to individual situations.  It fit nicely into our church’s Wednesday night programming, a 10-week period where we offer a variety of classes for children and adults. I was surprised at the number of non-music program participants who signed up for the class. I now have several who want to go further in their understanding of music."